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Michael Janes mjanes at
Fri Jan 3 07:13:05 EST 2003

Dear Fabrice,

Listed bellow are two possible talks I would be able to prepare and give
at your conference if invited. Please let me know if this is what you are
looking for.

Coral Reef Partnerships: Symbiosis, Commensalisms, and Parasitism

    A variety of tropical reef organisms rely on each other in intimate
ways for their survival. In many cases, both micro and macro life forms
are sustained through tight relationships that have developed over many
generations. This talk provides detailed examples of partnerships
occurring among different phyla (algae, worms, other invertebrates, and
fish) on the reef and defines both their similarities and differences.

The Coral / Algae Connection...Light is life

    For most corals light affords them a means to prosper through their
symbiotic relationship with single cell algae. Others lack this form of
partnership yet still thrive. My talk outlines the fundamental basis of
coral algae partnerships, examines how they function, and defines their
role on the coral reef. Further, the differences between photosynthetic
and non-photosynthetic corals are explored.

Best wishes for a successful conference.



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