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Dear Sebastien,


>       I am working on an environmental monitoring program in Tropical
>reef ecosystem, and I am interesting in methods used to determine the
>stress level or the health of the corals. I am aware of the standard
>methods used in ecosystem environments (LIT,  Quadrats etcÖ).   I would
>like to have information on methods that could detect changing more
>precociously. For example, to detect stress on coral due to high
>turbidity it is possible to use the living coral tissue thickness.
>    Thank you for all information
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Ken Potts (USEPA) and I have proposed to Chair (waiting for
approval) a Mini-Symposium on:

"Diagnostic Monitoring & Assessment of Coral Reefs: Studies
from Around the World"

at the 10th ISRS Symposium in Okinawa.

Aim and scope of the mini-symposium:
The aim of this mini-symposium is to report progress on developing a
new paradigm for coral reef monitoring and assessment - that is, one
with an early warning and diagnostic capability.

The scope of the mini-symposium will focus on the development of coral
reef indexes of biotic integrity and biocriteria, dose-response metrics,
studies on bioindicators, and other diagnostic monitoring tools.  The
mini-symposium will also focus on classifying coral reefs for diagnostic
monitoring and assessment and establishing reference conditions. All
papers presented in this mini-symposium will be placed on the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency coral reef web site
(www.epa.gov/owow/oceans/coral) to build the Diagnostic Monitoring and
Assessment Data Base and provide information to others working in this

Also at  <www.epa.gov/owow/oceans/coral> see:

Jameson SC, Erdmann MV, Gibson Jr GR, Potts KW (1998) Development of
biological criteria for         coral reef ecosystem assessment.  Atoll Res
September 1998, No. 450, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, 102 pp


Jameson SC, Erdmann MV, Karr JR, Potts KW (2001) Charting a course toward
diagnostic monitoring: A continuing review of coral reef attributes and a
research strategy for creating coral reef indexes of biotic integrity.
Bull Mar Sci 69(2):701-744

Best regards,

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