Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations

scrfa scrfa at
Mon Jan 13 07:05:09 EST 2003

Dear Coral-listers,

The Society for the Conservation of Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations is
pleased to announce that it has updated its web-site at

The site contains information on the Society itself, the phenomenon of
spawning aggregations of reef fish and issues related to their
conservation  (including a  recent case study of the Nassau grouper), a
newsletter and updates of ongoing  projects, most notably the
development of a Global Database of spawning  aggregations. We will also
shortly be adding a Methods Manual on how to  assess, research and
monitor such aggregations.

Those of you who host web-sites on coral reefs etc. may like to add a
link to  the site.

All the best,

Andy Cornish

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