photos on coral reef degradation

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Tue Jan 14 00:57:34 EST 2003

Herman (and others looking for similar images of degraded

The Marine Photobank ( has images
available to non-profits for conservation/educational
purposes. You need to sign up and give a summary of how you
would use the images - the process is painless.

For those of you u/w photographers who already have good
images of degraded reefs, please consider adding them to
those on the marinephotobank site.

Stephen Colwell
The Coral Reef Foundation

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>Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 07:59:13 -0500
>From: "Herman Cesar" <herman.cesar at>
>Subject: photos on coral reef degradation
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>I am currently working on a report for WWF on the economics
of coral
>reef degradation. What I could really use are some good
pictures for the
>report on impacts of sedimentation, bleaching (ideally some
>pre and post pictures), tourism impacts, and poverty
aspects of coral
>reef degradation.
>If you have any of this, I would really like to hear and if
possible use
>it in the report. Of course your name will be mentioned and
you will get
>a complementary copy (what other positive incentives can an
>build in?). It would be great if you have things in
electronic format.
>I look forward to hearing from you
>Best regards
>Herman Cesar
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Stephen Colwell
Philanthropy Associates

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