attaching files to your post

coral-list admin jch at
Fri Jan 17 06:47:09 EST 2003

Remember, if you try to post an attached binary file (like a Word
document, or an image file, etc.) to a coral-list message, it will
probably not go through and will bounce to the administrator (me) and
get delayed or sent back to you.  If you must post or advise of such a
file, you must either a) post a link to the stuff on your Web Page, b)
make it ASCII instead, or, c) ask people to write to you directly for
the stuff.  The reasons for this are so that people's in-boxes don't get
bogged down with large files they might not necessarily want (remember,
many folks are dialing in instead of being on a T1 or better line), and
because this helps prevent the circulation of viruses, which are
typically moderate to large in file size.

Thank you for your cooperation.

    coral-list admin

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