coastal boundaries of marine climatic zones

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On zonation and its determination --

1.  For a web version, go to, click
the DATA link in the left margin menu, then click the GLOBEC Typology
link on the Data page.

2.  For a more do-it-yourself exploratory approach, you can use the
environmental database on the Hexacoral website
( to select and filter  the geographic and
value ranges for environmental variables of interest, and either
download them as files of values for half degree cells, or view them.
 We have prototype tools that allow a user to map individual variables
and to  'find similar areas' based on a range of values for a number of

 These are very much in development and not yet user-friendly enough for
instant point-and-click, but the capabilities are there and already
quite useful if you have some serious questions about environmental
geography that you want to explore rather than using canned answers.
    If anyone is sufficiently interested in this to want to spend some
time exploring and testing, we would be happy to welcome you to the team
of alpha/beta-testers (a.k.a. guinea pigs).  If interested, send me (not
necessarily the whole list)  an email indicating your questions/needs,
and I can tell you whether we can help, and give you a starter set of
instructions.  Plus, a free copy of the map image that I didn't attach
because I remembered the reminder.

Bob Buddemeier

Stephen C Jameson wrote:

>Dear Simon,
>>Dear listers,
>>Can anyone recommend a reference which gives positions for the boundaries
>>between the major climatic marine regions of the world e.g the position of
>>the boundary between tropical and subtropical waters along the west
>>coast. As there is some seasonal variation involved perhaps a range of
>>positions would be more useful.
>>Simon Harding
>>Marine Science Co-ordinator
>Sullivan Sealey, K. Bustamante, G. 1999. Setting Geographic Priorities
>for Marine Conservation in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Nature
>Conservancy, Arlington, VA.
>Call Eva Vilarrubi 703-841-4860 for a copy.
>Best regards,
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