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Wed Jan 22 11:33:44 EST 2003


The International Institute for Rural Reconstruction in the Philippines has
a 3-book set called Participatory Methods in Community Based Coastal
Resource Management that they will sell
you for about 10 bucks. IIRR has a website where you can order their books,
and their email is iirr at

i helped write the books so i know they are very user friendly, having been
written collectively by a group of people who use these methods all the
time, working with communities. They have a sound scientific base but are
geared / streamlined for community use.

mangrove methods are in volume 3 but there is stuff in the other volumes on
transect sampling methods that will be hopefully of use to you too. The
mangrove chapters are:
mangrove assessment and monitoring (using the transect plot technique)
mangrove reforestation monitoring and: mangrove reforestation

cheers, Irene Novaczek

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