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Virginie Fruh v_fruh at
Wed Jan 22 11:42:09 EST 2003


I'm looking for grants to fund a phd based in Indonesia concerning
fangblennies as mimics of cleaner wrasse. Being a Swiss citizen (and
therefore non-EU) makes it difficult to be eligible to many grants, but
because I'll be enrolled in an English university, and that the project
concerns animal behaviour and conservation, there must be some foundations
out there for funding!  So, if anyone has useful addresses, it would be
delightfully appreciated!
Best wishes for the new year, and thank you for your time,
Virginie Fruh

Virginie Fruh
Ch. des Bruyères 14
1007 Lausanne
021 601.30.40
076 443.51.02
v_fruh at

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