Corals for Kiddies?

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One possible resource for kids who are interested in environmental issues is
4-H.  Yes, that's the same 4-H that is generally known for teaching kids how
to raise cattle, chickens and hogs.  In Florida, and probably other states,
there are many counties that have 4-H marine clubs.  4-H is open to kids
aged 5 to 18.  Every county in Florida has a county extension office (often
called the Agricultural center) and the 4-H office is usually located
there.  The national 4-H program has an Eco-Adventures type curriculum with
projects and activities.  The Florida 4-H program has existing (older)
project books and resource guides; new ones are under development.  Most of
these project materials are geared towards ages 8+ (project books for the
5-7 age range are being developed in FL).

As a Sea Grant extension agent, I work closely with the 4-H program in NE
Florida and have been involved in revising some of their marine-related

4-H also typically offers summer camp programs that are educational in

Hope this gives folks one avenue to explore..

Maia McGuire
Sea Grant Extension Agent
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