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Thu Jan 30 11:12:51 EST 2003

Following Pedro Alcalado 's recent request for information on
carrying capacity, I wanted to let you know that The Coral Reef
Alliance has a fact sheet covering this topic. It has been written
with Coral Park practitioners in mind and includes a basic overview
of the topic, methods which have been used to determine carrying
capacity, management recommendations and a list of key

It is available on request as a .pdf document (for which you will
need Acrobat Reader) and is a 196KB file. Please contact myself
(kdm at or info at to request a copy.

Kalli De Meyer

Kalli De Meyer

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL)
Bonaire Branch Office
Kaya Madrid 3A
Bonaire. Dutch Caribbean
tel: 599-717-3465
email: kdm at
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