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Following an earlier 'thread' on pollution definitions:  I list below papers
from the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin since 2000 on corals and
reefs.  There must be about 20 journals which take coral / reef papers.
The majority of tropical marine labs and workers can't or don't
subscribe to most of them, and as some litt. services are not cheap,
and as a distressingly large number find it difficult even to hear about
potentially useful papers, it might be useful if any other editors reading
this could put lists of reef papers from their journals on coral-list too,

Best wishes

Charles Sheppard

AmmarM.S.A., Amin, E.M., Gundacker, D., Mueller, W.E.G. 2000.
    One Rational Strategy for Restoration of Coral Reefs:
    Application of molecular biological parameters to select sites
    for rehabilitation by asexual recruits. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 40:
Buchan,K.C. 2000. The Bahamas. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 41: 94-111.
Carbone,F., Accordi, G. 2000. The Indian Ocean Coast of
    Somalia. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 41: 141-159.
Celliers,L., Schleyer, M.H. 2002. Coral bleaching on high latitude
    marginal reefs at Sodwana Bay, South Africa. Mar. Pollut.
    Bull. 44: 1380-1387.
Chiappone,M., White A., Swanson, D.W., Miller, S.L. 2002.
    Occurrence and biological impacts of fishing gear and other
    marine debris in the Florida Keys. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 44: 597-
Connelly,D.P.,  Readman, J.W., Knap, A.H., Davies, J.  2001.
    Contamination of the coastal waters of Bermuda by
    organotins and the triazine herbicide Irgarol 1051. Mar.
    Pollut. Bull. 42: 409-414.
Cox,E.F., Ward, S. 2002. Impact of elevated ammonium on
    reproduction in two Hawaiian scleractinian corals with
    different life history patterns. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 44: 1230-
David,C.P.  2003. Heavy metal concentrations in growth bands of
    corals: A record of mine tailings input through time
    (Marinduque Island, Phillippines). 46: Mar. Pollut. Bull.  In
Donohue,M.J. 2003. How Multiagency Partnerships Can
    Successfully Address Large-Scale Pollution Problems: A
    Hawaii Case Study. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: In press.
Donohue,M.J., Boland, R.C., Sramek, C.M., Antonelis, G.A.
    2001. Derelict fishing gear in the Northwestern Hawaiian
    Islands: Diving surveys and debris removal in 1999 confirm
    threat to coral reef ecosystems.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 42: 1301-
Edinger,E.N., Limmon, G.V., Jompa, J., Widjatmoko, W.,
    Heikoop, J.M., Risa, M.J. 2000. Normal Coral Growth Rates
    on Dying Reefs: Are coral growth rates good indicators of
    coral reef health? Mar. Pollut. Bull. 40: 404-425.
Edwards,A.J., Clark, S., Zahir, H., Rajasuriya, A., Naseer, A.,
    Rubens, J. 2001.  Coral Bleaching and Mortality on Artificial
    and Natural Reefs in Maldives in 1998, Sea Surface
    Temperature Anomalies and Intitial Recovery. Mar. Pollut.
    Bull. 42: 7-15.
Epstein,N., Bak, R.P.M., Rinkevich, B. 2000.  Toxicity of 3rd
    Generation Dispersants and Dispersed Egyptian Crude Oil
    on Red Sea Coral Larvae. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 40: 497-503.
Esslemont,G., Harriott, V.J., McConchie, D.M. 2000. Variability of
    Trace-Metal Concentrations Within and Between Colonies of
    Pocillopora damicornis.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 40: 637-642.
Gilbert,A.L., Guzman, H.M. 2001 Bioindication Potential of
    Carbonic Anhydrase Activity in Anemones and Corals. Mar.
    Pollut. Bull.  42: 742-744.
Guzman,H.M, Garcia, E.M. 2002. Mercury levels in coral reefs
    along the Caribbean coast of Central America. Mar. Pollut.
    Bull. 44: 1415-1420.
Harborne,A.R., Afzal, D.C., Andrews, M.J. 2001. Honduras:
    Caribbean Coast. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 42: 1221-1235.
Haynes,D. 2000. Sources, Fates and Consequences of Pollutants
    in the Great Barrier Reef. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 41: 265-266.
Haynes,D., Christie, C., Marshall, P., Dobbs, K. 2002. Antifoulant
    concentrations at the site of the Bunga Teratai Satu
    grounding, Great Barrier Reef Australia. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 44:
Haynes,D., Johnson, J.E. 2000. Organochlorine, Heavy Metal and
    Polyaromatic Hyrdocarbon Pollutant Concentrations in the
    Great Barrier Reef (Australia) Environment: A Review. Mar.
    Pollut. Bull.  41: 267-278.
Haynes,D., Michalek-Wagner, K. 2000. Water Quality in the Great
    Barrier Reef World Heritage Area:  Past Perspectives,
    Current Issues and New Research Directions. Mar. Pollut.
    Bull. 41: 428-434.
Heikoop,J.M., Risk, M.J., Lazier, A.V., Edinger, E.N., Jompa, J.,
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    in reef corals. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 40: 628-636.
Hoffman,T.C. 2002. Coral Reef Health and Effects of Socio-
    Economic Factors in Fiji and Cook Islands. Mar. Pollut. Bull.
    44: 1281-1293.
Holmes,K.E., Edinger, E.N., Limmon, G.V., Risk, M.J. 2000.
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Hutchings,P.  2001. The ENCORE Experiment. Mar. Pollut. Bull.
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Jameson,S.C., Tupper, M.H., Riddley, J.M. 2002. The 3 Screen
    Doors: Can Marine “Protected” Areas Be Effective? Mar.
    Pollut. Bull. 44: 1177-1183
Johnson,A.K.L., Ebert, S.P. 2000. Quantifying inputs of pesticides
    to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park – A case study in the
    Herbert River catchment of north-east Queensland.  Mar.
    Pollut. Bull. 41: 302-309.
Koop,K., Booth, D., Broadbent, A., Brodie, J., Bucher, D., Capone,
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    Nutrient Enrichment on Coral Reefs.  Synthesis of Results
    and Conclusions. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 42: 91-120.
Koop,K., Steven, A., McGill, R., Drew, E.D.,  McDonald, B. 2001.
    Use of a Telemetered Dispensing System for Controlling
    Nutrient Additions to Experimental Patch Reefs in the
    ENCORE Study at One Tree Island, Great Barrier Reef,
    Australia.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 42: 121-126.
Lam,K.K.Y. 2003. Coral recruitment onto an experimental
    pulverised fuel ash-concrete artificial reef. Mar. Pollut. Bull.
    46: In press.
Leao,Z.M.A.N., Dominguez, J.M.L. 2000. Tropical Coast of Brazil.
    Mar. Pollut. Bull. 41: 112-122.
Lindahl,U., Ohman, M.C., Schelten, C.K. 2001. The 1997/1998
    mass mortality of corals: effects on fish communities on a
    Tanzanian coral reef.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 42: 127-131
Lipp,E.K., Jarrell, J.L., Griffin, D.W., Lukasik, J., Jacukiewicz, J.,
    Rose, J.B. 2002. Preliminary evidence for human fecal
    contamination in corals of the Florida Keys, U.S.A. Mar.
    Pollut. Bull. 44: 666-670.
McClanahan,T.R. 2000. Bleaching Damage and Recovery
    Potential of Maldivian Coral Reefs. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 40: 587-
McClanahan,T.R., Cokos, B.A., Sala, E. 2002. Algal growth and
    species composition under experimental control of herbivory,
    phosphorous and coral abundance in glovers reef, Belize.
    Mar. Pollut. Bull. 44: 441-451
Medina-Elizalde,M., Gold-Bouchot, G., Ceja-Moreno, V. 2002.
    Lead contamination in the Mexican Caribbean recorded by
    the coral Montastraea annularis (Ellis and Solander). Mar.
    Pollut. Bull. 44: 421-423.
Miao,X.S., Woodward, L.A., Swenson, C., Li, Q.X., 2001
    Comparative concentrations of metals in marine species
    from French Frigate Shoals, North Pacific Ocean. Mar.
    Pollut. Bull. 42: 1049-1054.
Mills,A.P. 2001. St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Mar. Pollut. Bull.
    42: 1208-1220.
Morrison,R.J., Narayan, S.P., Gangaiya, P. 2001. Trace Element
    Studies in Laucala Bay, Suva, Fiji. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 42: 397-
Morton,B. 2002. Dong-Sha Atoll, South China Sea: Ground Zero.
    Mar. Pollut. Bull. 44: 835-837.
Morton,B., Blackmore, G. 2001. South China Sea. Mar. Pollut.
    Bull. 42: 1236-1263.
Negri,A.P., Heyward, A.J. 2000. Inhibition of fertilisation and larval
    metamorphosis of the coral Acropora millepora
    (Ehrenberg,1834) by petroleum products. Mar. Pollut. Bull.
    41: 420-427.
Negri,A.P., Smith, L.D., Webster, N.S., Heyward, A.J.   2002.
    Understanding ship-grounding impacts on a coral reef:
    Potential effects of antifoulant paint contamination on coral
    recruitment. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 44: 111-117.
Nugues,M.M., Roberts, C.M. 2003. Partial mortality in massive
    reef corals as an indicator of sediment stress on coral reefs.
    Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: In press.
Obura,D.O. 2001. Kenya. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 42: 1264-1278.
Owen,R., Knap, A., Toaspern, M., Carbery, K.  2002. Inhibition of
    Coral Photosynthesis by the Antifouling Herbicide Irgarol
    1051. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 44: 623-632.
Reichelt-Brushett,A.J., Harrison, P.L. 2000. The effect of copper
    on the settlement success of larvae from the scleractinian
    coral Acropora tenuis. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 41: 385-391.
Roberts,J.M., Long, D., Wilson, J.B., Mortensen, P.B., Gage, J.D.
    2003. The cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa (Scleractinia)
    and enigmatic seabed mounds along the north-east Atlantic
    margin: are they related? Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: In press.
Sheppard,C. 2001. The Main Issues Affecting Coasts of the Indian
    and Western Pacific Oceans: A Meta-Analysis from Seas at
    the Millennium. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 42: 1199-1207.
Sheppard,C., Rayner, N.A. 2002. Utility of the Hadley Centre sea
    ice and sea surface temperature data set (HadISST1) in two
    widely contrasting coral reef areas. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 44: 303-
Sheppard,C.R.C. 2002 The Florida Reef Tract and the ‘One third
    rule’. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 44: 997-978.
Spalding,M.D.,  Jarvis, J.E.   2002. The impact of the 1998 coral
    mortality on reef fish communities in the Seychelles.  Mar.
    Pollut. Bull. 44: 309-321
Spencer,T., Teleki, K.A., Bradshaw, C., Spalding, M.D. 2000.
    Coral bleaching in the Southern Seychelles during the 1997-
    8 Indian Ocean warm event.  Mar. Pollut. Bull. 40: 569-586.
Thia-Eng,C., Gorre, I.R.L., Adrian Ross, S., Bernad, S.R.,
    Gervacio, B., Corazon Ebarvia, M. 2000. The Malacca
    Straits. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 41: 160-178.
White,A.T., Vogt, H.P. 2000.  Philippine coral reefs under threat:
    Lessons learned after 25 years of  community based reef
    conservation. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 40: 537-550.
White,A.T., Vogt, H.P., Arin, T. 2000. Philippine Coral Reefs under
    threat: the economic losses caused by reef destruction. Mar.
    Pollut. Bull. 40: 598-605.
Yamamuro,M., Kayanne, H., Yamano, H. 2003.  d15N of Seagrass
    Leaves for Monitoring Anthropogenic Nutrient Increases in
    Coral Reef Ecosystems. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 46: In press.
Yap,H.T.   2001. Another look at coral reef degradation. Mar.
    Pollut. Bull. 42: 527.
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