Information about Cabo Pulmo in Baja California Sur, Mexico

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Wed Mar 5 11:26:15 EST 2003

Dear all:

I am planning to do a monitoring programme in the 'Parque Nacional Cabo
Pulmo' in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Cabo Pulmo was declared a Natural Protected Area in June 6, 1995, and it has
a total surface of 7100 has (71 sq. Km). It is located at 23 d 22 m 30 s -
23 d 30 m 00 s and 109 d 28 m 03 s - 109 d 23 m 00 s approximately. Cabo
Pulmo Park is located between La Paz and San Jose del Cabo, Baja California
Sur, Mexico.

The National Park of Cabo Pulmo supports the most extensive growth of coral
in the Gulf of California and its biological diversity is one of the highest
in the West Coast of Mexico. Pulmo Reef supports the most extensive growth
of coral in the Gulf of California. There are species from Panama,
California and Cortez Provinces and its edge has been calculated around
25000 years.

Before Cabo Pulmo was declared National Park, the commercial (mainly Pearl
Oyster) and sport fisheries had an adverse pressure on the reef resources.
Now thanks to the decree those activities started to be regulated. However,
the general tourism increase in the region and in particular the sport
diving in the reef are new pressures that need to be taken into account if
we want to preserve this singular reef. In addition, the new federal
government development proposal 'Escalera Nautica' to be carried out along
and across the Gulf of California will bring new pressures to the Pulmo

My field is related to biogeochemical cycles and in particular I am
interested in fluxes of organic matter.

Any suggestions of what needs to be considered to start a continuous and
simple monitoring programme in Pulmo Reef with the objective of have a base
line of the physicochemical conditions of the reef.

Sincerely yours

Fernando Perez-Castillo

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