Lithophaga genus - sediment producers?

Iain Macdonald I.Macdonald at
Wed Mar 5 11:39:16 EST 2003

Dear all

I was originally under the assumption that Lithophaga boring
bivalves do not produce any carbonate sediment when they bore
into coral skeletons due to their mode of boring - chemical
digestion. However, a short extract from Adjas et al. (1990) has
put a bit of doubt on this assumption. They and Peyrot-Clausade
(pers comm) in previously cited paper, mention the production
of very fine (1 to 5 microns) carbonate needles. I was
wondering if any of you could resolve this fact for me.

Iain Macd.

Adjas, A., Masse, J-P., Montaggioni, L.F. (1990). "Fine-
grained carbonates in early reef environments: Mataiva and
Takapoto atolls, Central Pacific Ocean." Sedimentary Geology
67: 115-132.

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