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Dear Sarah,

I did a study in Fiji and the Cook Islands comparing reefs that had
different levels of economic development, population, pressure, land-use
practices, and marine management practices.  The Marine Pollution Bulletin
Article and my dissertation show the specific classification system I used.

If you or anyone else is interested I can send .pdf files of the articles


Hoffmann, T.C.. 2002. Coral reef health and effects of socio-economic
factors in Fiji and the Cook Islands.  Marine Pollution Bulletin. V44:

Hoffmann, T.C. 2002. The Re-implementation of the Ra'ui:  Coral Reef
Management in Rarotonga, Cook Islands.  Coastal Management. V30:401-418

Hoffmann, T.C. 2001.  Reefs of Life to Reefs of Death:  The Political
Ecology of Coral Reef Health in the Cook Islands and Fiji.  Ph.D
dissertation Department of Geography University of California at Berkeley.

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