Cnidarian Biochemistry Bibliography Available

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Tue Mar 11 22:44:20 EST 2003

Actually, the link that Cheryl kindly provided is a link off the CHAMP
Literature Page, which may be confusing to some.  The appropriate link to
which will allow you access to more literature, is:

then click on CHAMP Literature Server.  The link to the Coral Disease Page

and from there you can link to the Coral Disease and Health Consortium.


Cheryl Woodley wrote:

> There is a new research resource available to the coral research
> community in the form of a Cnidarian Biochemistry Bibliography.  The
> bibliography includes 1055 references and covers the period of
> 1965-2002.  It is available on the CHAMP webpage at the following URL
> address:
> The Cnidarian Biochemistry Bibliography is titled ‘cnidarianbio.pdt’ and
> is fully searchable.
> The bibliography is one of the resources resulting from the Coral
> Disease and Health Consortium’s workshop identifying research needs.  It
> is planned that this resource will be updated approximately
> semi-annually.  With this in mind, if you are aware of citations that
> should be included under this topical area, please forward the
> information to Sylvia Galloway at the following email address:
> Sylvia.Galloway at
> We also welcome notice of new publications relevant to this collection.
> If you have any questions about the bibliography, send them to the same
> email address.
> The publications have been collected in support of the preparation of a
> review on the same subject.  The bibliography and a short version of the
> review will be published as a NOAA TM.

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