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NOAA's Undersea Research Program (NURP)



Undersea Research on Tropical

and Subtropical Marine Ecosystems

As one of six NURP Centers under the auspices of NOAA's Undersea
Research Program (NURP) (www.nurp.noaa.gov), the Caribbean Marine
Research Center (CMRC) (www.cmrc.org) is presently soliciting proposals
for undersea research in the Caribbean region for FY2004. The present
announcement is soliciting pre-proposals for two specific funding

1)      NURP funds for two year projects focusing on NOAA/NURP research
priorities under the research theme of Examinations of the effectiveness
of 'no-take' marine protected areas to be initiated in 2004; and

2)      NOAA Coral Reef Conservation Program (NCRCP) funds for one to
two year projects (with one year preferred) that address the following
priority research needs for the U.S. Caribbean: overfishing, pollution,
coral disease and bleaching, and invasive species, and the impact of
these stressors on coral reef ecosystems.  The evaluation of management
effectiveness is also encouraged. Note that there is requirement of 50%
non-federal match for these funds.

These competitions are contingent upon CMRC receiving adequate funds


Please note that preproposals are required. See the Proposal Guidelines
for full description of the FY2004 Request for Proposals and
instructions for submitting proposals.

At this time we are soliciting pre-proposals for undersea research in
the Caribbean for the year 2004 in the two funding opportunities
outlined above.

For Funding Opportunity #1: Proposals will be accepted for work at any
site in the Caribbean pertinent to U.S. interests, but priority areas
for operations are Lee Stocking Island, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the
U.S. Virgin Islands.

    For Funding Opportunity #2: Proposals will be accepted for work at
any site in the U.S. Caribbean, which includes Puerto Rico and the U.S.
Virgin Islands.

CMRC also encourages innovative uses of existing data and inter-site
comparisons throughout the Caribbean. The in situ approach supported by
NURP allows acquisition of otherwise unobtainable observations, samples,
exploration, and experimentation related to NOAA's priority research

Eligible applicants are U.S. institutions of higher education,
not-for-profit institutions, and state, local and Indian tribal
governments.  Proposals may include federal researchers as collaborators
with a researcher who is affiliated with a U.S. academic institution,
non-federal agency, or any other non-profit organization.  Federal
organizations may not charge federal salary, travel, or overhead, but
other categories are appropriate.  For proposals with a federal partner,
the federal partner will receive funds through an inter-agency transfer
(or intra-agency in the case of a NOAA partner) from the national NURP

If you are interested in submitting a proposal that addresses any of
these funding opportunities and you require further information please
contact CMRC at the address below. Pre-proposals are required and must
be submitted by email by May 15, 2003. Pre-proposals should be <3 pages
and give a summary of the proposed research, describe research goals and
facilities/equipment requirements, outline time or logistic constraints,
give area of operations including depths, and estimate the level of
support required. This will ensure that appropriate research guidelines
are addressed, and permit operations staff to evaluate feasibility.

Proposal budgets for CMRC funded projects generally range from $10-70K
for direct scientific support.  Smaller feasibility studies (<$5K) may
also be supported as program development projects (see www.cmrc.org for
details). Proposals that have co-funding for data analysis and
investigator salaries have the greatest rate of approval.  Funding of
the second year of proposals will be contingent upon progress and
funding availability.

On the basis of the pre-proposals, requests for final proposals will be
issued together with final submission guidelines. Final proposals are
due at CMRC by August 1, 2002. Following peer review of the proposals, a
rebuttal process, and recommendations from CMRC's Technical Review
Panel, research projects will be ranked on the basis of scientific
merit, match to NOAA/NURP and NCRCP programmatic goals, contribution to
research theme, and logistical considerations. Investigators will be
notified of the status of their proposals by January 2003.



Address proposals, questions, or comments to:

         John Marr, Ph.D., Center Director
         561-741-0192  Voice

         Caribbean Marine Research Center
         561-741-0193  Fax
         100 North U.S. Highway 1, Suite 202
         jmarr at cmrc.org
         Jupiter, FL 33477

Please see our web site (www.cmrc.org) for more details on our programs,
information and guidelines for proposal preparation, previous research
projects, publication list, and present research activities.

For directions on subscribing and unsubscribing to coral-list or the
digests, please see http://www.coral.noaa.gov/lists/coral-list.html .

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