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I'm writing today to let you know about what we at the Perry Institute
for Marine Science have been accomplishing over the last two years. We
are leading the way in scientific discoveries and techniques to advance
our understanding about marine science and capabilities for improving
management of marine resources.  The Perry Institute is also playing a
key role in helping to educate future scientists as well as citizens of
the U.S. and Caribbean island nations.

The Perry Institute operates the Caribbean Marine Research Center, one
of just six regional centers in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration's Undersea Research Program.  Our research facility,
located on Lee Stocking Island in the Bahamas, provides a support base
for scientists from around the world in efforts to advance scientific
knowledge about the marine environment.  During the past two years, CMRC
has hosted and provided support for several hundred scientists and
students while conducting its own research.

Our work concentrates on critical marine issues such as increasing
populations of commercial and recreational fisheries, improving and
protecting coral reef ecosystems, monitoring global climate and
environmental changes, and developing new techniques for alternatives to
overfishing, habitat destruction, and marine protected area design.  We
offer advanced diving facilities and laboratories to further this
research and as well as strong education and outreach programs to
promote the significance of these issues to all of us.

The Perry Institute for Marine Science is a not for profit, public
501(c)(3) corporation based in Florida since 1970. Our mission is to
improve and enhance the understanding of the wider Caribbean region's
marine environment by supporting and conducting high quality marine
research and education programs in order to provide solutions to people
and our oceans.

Many of you play a critical role in the advancement of science today and
building more support for the work being done through the Perry
Institute.  Please take a moment to look at the accomplishments of our
organization and our promise to the future.

Please visit our website at  You can view
and download our annual report there as well as see recent developments
in our programs.

Best regards,

John Marr, Ph.D.

Perry Institute for Marine Science

Caribbean Marine Science Center

100 N. US Highway 1, Suite 202

Jupiter, FL  33477-5122

Telephone: (561) 741-0192

Fax: (561) 741-0193

Email: cmrc at


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