Lessepian migration

Imène Meliane imene.meliane at ua.es
Tue Mar 25 03:32:11 EST 2003

your best contact for Lessepsian migration is probably Dr. Bella Galil.
from the National Institute of Oceanography in Haifa Israel.
as for Scleractinarian in the Med (including the Eastern basin), you
should contcat H. Zibrowius, in Marseille.
 Both are in the working group on Invasive spp. of the CIESM, and you
can get their contcats in the following adress:

I did not hear about a lessepsian scleractinarian in the Med, at least
one that proved to be invasive. But there's a case of  a new immigrant
scleractinarian from the Southwest Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea,
having established itself only recently along the Israeli coast. Oculina
patagonica .


Hope this helps,

Ed Cordell wrote:

>I am requesting information on Lessepian migration thru suez canal from
>northern red sea of any scleractinian corals in to the eastern
>Thank you.
>Ed Cordell
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