needing to reach out to reef researchers...

Douglas Zook dzook at
Mon Mar 31 12:10:01 EST 2003

Greetings:  I am seeking to inform as soon as possible those involved
in coral reef research about our special international congress set
for later this year.

The Fourth International Symbiosis Congress will be held at Saint
Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada this August 17-23.
The Congress features an overall theme of "global threats to
symbionts," and includes an opening address by Ove Hoegh-Guldberg of
Qeensland University.  Other symposia include marine symbioses as led
by Margaret McFall-Ngai of the University of Hawaii, Cyanobacterial
symbioses as led by Birgitta Bergman of Stockholm University.
symbiosis in evolution as led by Lynn Margulis, University of
Massachusetts, Deep sea chemoautotrophic systems as led by Charles
Fisher of Penn State University, Horizontal gene transfer with
Charles Delwiche of the University of Maryland, Nutrient interactions
in symbiosis as led by Kristin Palmqvuist of Umea Unievrsity, Sweden,
among others.
        This promises to be a dynamic and unique week.  Indeed, it is
the only opportunity where those involved with coral-dino symbioses
or other marine symbioses can interact not only with each other but
with those involved in N-fixation, mycorrhizae, and other symbiotic
        Please access the Congress web site at for the full scientific programme, the
latest information, as well as registration, accommodations, and
submission of papers procedures.  Thank you!

Douglas Zook, President
International Symbiosis Society
Associate Professor
Boston University, USA
(dzook at

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