[Coral-List] fragmentation

Michaлl RARD Michael.Rard at univ-reunion.fr
Wed Aug 6 07:26:53 EDT 2003

Hi Yuri,

> Who had experience of artificial resettlement of corals by fragmentation?

I do my PhD on coral physiology, metabolism, growth and bioerosion too. For
this, I use coral nubbins, with fragmentation. Fragments have been pasted on
perplex plates. I have studied 2 species : the branched coral Acropora
muricata and the semi massive coral Montipora circumvallata. So, I think I
can give you some ideas and answers.

> What minimal size of a colony is necessary for this purpose?

You can use the size you want, just a minimal size about some 1 cm high
cores for massive corals, or since 2-3 cm high for branched coral.

> What species have the maximal growth rate?

I thing it's the branched coral Acropora sp., specially Acropora formosa
(new name A. muricata).

I'm hoping these informations could help you.
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