[Coral-List] Coral Reef Restoration with Fragmentation

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We have some coral transplant notes at www.artificialreefs.org
However, the real training is documented in our training manuals and our
training classes.  We have found it to be irresposible to share this
technology only on the web as there is too much of a chance of abuse (and
therefore death of corals or inapproprate restoration work).  Aquarium work
certainly has contributed a great deal of expertise to the art and science
of coral reef restoration, but there are a huge number of differences which
must be factored in when doing open ocean work. We do NOT recommend you
attempt restoration work with supervision or training from an experianced
coral restoration expert.


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> Dear All,
> Looks like some of you have a practical experience of Coral Reef
> using coral fragmentation. Is there some web pages where your
experience(s) has
> been described ?
> After years of coral propagation in aquariums, we are willing to use our
> and propagation skills in Nature to restore some reefs we know, but we
> like to avoid all possible identified mistakes linked to such activity in
> Nature.
> Thanks for any feedback and advices
> Best Regards
> Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert
> Reefkeepers.net - President
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