[Coral-List] Environmental impacts of seaweed farming on coral reefs etc.

sulu_r at usp.ac.fj sulu_r at usp.ac.fj
Sun Aug 10 18:03:36 EDT 2003

Dear Coral listers,

The over harvesting of seaweed from the wild for phycocolloids in 
1960 resulted in the promotion of cultivation of some seaweed 
species.  Eucheuma and Kappaphycus were two particularl species 
introduced to a lot of pacific islands and other parts of the world.  

I'm seeking if any of you know or has studied the environmental 
effects of the introduced seaweed species for farming.  I know that 
these two species have been reported to over grow and kill endemic 
corals in Hawaii.  Does any one know of similar cases or other 
impacts where you hitch hikers on the seaweed which have been 
introduced with the seaweed resulting in unfavourable 
environmental impacts.  

When introductions were made were any quarantine protocols 
followed.  I have searched the literature and there is no mention of 
quarantine when these critters were introduced

May fish be with you
Reuben John Sulu
Institute of Marine Resources
The University of the South Pacific
PO Box 1168, Suva. Fiji Islands
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