[Coral-List] Piney Point, again

nada jones joenada at bellsouth.net
Sun Aug 10 06:38:48 EDT 2003

Hello Dr Roberts,
My name is Nada Jones, I am a freelance journalist, for local Keys
papers. I want to get this right so I need your help. I am writing a
piece about the dumping going on through November in the Gulf of Mexico,
as much as everyone I have spoken to says that it is like a drop in the
ocean compared to the Miss River outflow, this dumping is still a matter
of concern. Or is it? I mean if it so insignificant, why do we care this
much? I feel the Environmental agencies may be trying to play it down
too much? Or is that just a function of sensationalist media
Please, if it is not too much trouble, could you spend some time
answering these questions:
What kind of algae are being created by the Piney point dumping?
How can you distinguish it from the Mis River outflow algae?
How much? In relation to the Miss River, or in terms laymen can
understand, is being created per quantity of dumped waste water?
Would we see "red tide" in the Upper Keys? Is there any chance?
How are you monitoring this? Is there something  other than the
"Aquarius" satellite being used?
What is in the wastewater? The heavy metals have been removed, is it
tested again before it goes onto the barge? 
Any sign of problems so far that will change or affect progress?
So many questions, so little time,
Best of Everything to you all, connectivity is the key.
Nada Jones

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