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Osha Gray Davidson osha at oshadavidson.com
Tue Aug 12 10:51:28 EDT 2003

Hi all (with apologies for cross-listings),

PublicAffairs has just released the paperback version of "Fire in the 
Turtle House." (http://www.publicaffairsbooks.com/books/fire-pbk.html) The 
book contains a short update with new information on FP (a possible 
plateauing of FP in Hawaii, Shigetomo Hirama's study of regression cases), 
and touches on areas not examined earlier: the precipitous decline of the 
Pacific leatherback, a call for a UN-imposed moratorium on long-line and 
gill-net fishing, and, more happily, increased nestings at the Archie Carr 
National Wildlife Refuge in Florida.

A German version of will be published under the title "Sanfte Riesen" by 
Marebuch in September -- minus the update. (For each book sold, Marebuch is 
donating one Euro to the Turtle House Foundation.)

Once again, a large "thank you" to all who took time out of busy schedules 
to respond to my far-too-many questions. "Turtle House" has reached a far 
larger audience than I had dreamed, and it's in large part thanks to your 
help in translating science for a lay-audience. I owe an even larger "thank 
you" for your work -- day in and out -- on behalf of these extraordinary 

May your children swim in an ocean full of turtles.


"Fire in the Turtle House is a compelling story about turtles and their 
future that ought to change our view of the world. Reading this book is an 
education in illness infecting the ocean but reads like an adventure story. 
Whether the larger story -- the survival of life
on this planet -- has a happy ending or not seems to be in question and 
certainly may be up to us." Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ocean Futures Society

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