[Coral-List] environmental /ecological disadvantages of marine reserves

shashank Keshavmurthy iamshanky15 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 13 20:31:56 EDT 2003

hello subhashini,
Remember me?
ANy way I will try to answer your question to
some extent;

Marine reserves are good for us Oceanographers as
it solves the problem of saving the precious
biodiversity. But at same time it is a problem as
well, when it comes to Socioeconomics.
For instance, I can give you the example of Gulf
of Mannar Biosphere Reserve, South East Coast of
India. Before the reserve was started people in
and around Mannar used to earn their livelihood
using the marine resources, including corals.
Thats when government intervined and demarcated a
large area as a Biosphere reserve. This led to
the people-Governemnt conflict as large people
lost thier source of income.  As even fishery was
not allowed inside the biosphere.

So, Socioeconomic problem is an important
drawback of any Marine Biosphere reserve that has
native people dependent on the soureces availabe
there, until and unless you give them an
alternative source of Income.

So, last time when I attended GCRMN South Asia
Meeting in Goa, one of the officials from Mannar
Biosphere Reserve also attended. According to
him, now they have introduced alternative
livelihoods in most of the villages surrounding
this area.

I hope this helps you.....

"the role of infinitely small in nature is infinitely large"-Louis Pasteur                

Keshavmurthy Shashank
Kochi University, Faculty of Agriculture
Lab. of AQUa. Environ. Sci. (LAQUES)
Otsu 200, Monobe, Nankoku-shi
783-8502, Kochi, Japan
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