[Coral-List] environmental /ecological disadvantages of marinereserves

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A marine reserve is fundamentally a minimization, of anthropogenic
disturbance. If one defines a 'healthy" ecosystem in terms of what it
would be like naturally, then putting in a reserve (= removing many
disturbances) is almost always going to be a step towards ecological

There are socioeconomic and political tradeoffs in putting in reserves,
not the least of which is the tendency in some areas to set up a reserve
and ignore rational coastal management outside the reserve. However,
raising this issue is often a good way to leverage action on the larger

Overall, reserves and other MPAs are among the most ecologically and
environmentally sound tools available for reef management. 




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Hello everyone,

My philosophy is that to every act there is a gaining and a losing end.

I have heaps of publications which talks about the advantages of marine
reserves; however I feel there would be environmental/ecological
disadvantages to it as well.

Could you please help me find a few.

Thank you,

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