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Hi Doug,

Many of our projects are monitored for coral growth. On a recent dive in Kuwait, we were looking for Tubastraea coccinea to use for coral propogation and transplanting onto Reef Balls which was reported to be present at Qaro Island but the closest we found that day was Dendrophyllia Gracilis (looks similar but yellow). Andrew Wilson <andy at tsck.org.kw> from the Kuwait Aquarium is our local coral contact there and I am sure he can answer your questions about distribution, etc. in Kuwait.

Offshore here (in the Gulf of Mexico) where we conduct our fish counts here in Bradenton, the only tube coral is Cladocora Arbuscula (Ivory Tube Coral).  (Our monitorings are only 7 miles offshore and the water termperature range is too much for most corals).

I am not sure of the full range of Tubastraea coccinea....if you can fill me in, then I can send out an alert to folks involved in our project worldwide to keep an eye out for you...any information in particular you are interested in?


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> Todd,
>      Does anyone ever record what is growing on reefballs?  I'm 
> particularly interested in one coral, the orange tube coral Tubastraea 
> coccinea, in Florida.  It particularly favors artificial substrates like 
> wrecks and piers.  Do you have any reports of it?   Thanks!  -Doug
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