[Coral-List] Coral reefs importance brainstorm

Doug Fenner d.fenner at aims.gov.au
Sun Aug 17 23:22:31 EDT 2003

Dear All,
   Thanks for all the info and references for the economic evaluation of
coral reefs; I suspect they may be of great help to people out there who
want to put forward arguments to the public or government about the value
of coral reefs.  I agree that when quoting numbers one needs to be accurate
to avoid having a good argument discredited.
   My suggestion of the economic value of reefs probably isn't relevant to
the Northwest Hawaiian Islands, as they are some of the most remote and
pristine reefs in the world, with no current diving industry.  But they are
the exception, and many of the reefs in real trouble in the world do bring
in large amounts of diving and other tourist revenues, or have the
potential to do so.
   I guess to some extent I tend to think that whether a reef system brings
in 4 billion or 1 billion dollars a year, or whether that is from diving or
all tourism and other uses combined, it is still economically very
important.  I tend to think that many in the public may not realize that
they are so valuable economically, and people who won't listen to many
other arguments may pay attention when they hear the word "money" (sad
though that might be).  If quoting the value of reefs helps get the public
or government to do more to try to save them, I say use it.   -Doug
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