[Coral-List] Fotos of juvenile corals

Monica Sepulveda msepulveda at javeriana.edu.co
Tue Aug 19 00:18:28 EDT 2003

I´m looking for some photografs or descriptions that can help me identify in natural enviroment juvenile scleractin corals.
I know that Dr Russ Babcock, has a more extensive collection of Russ'sSEM (from English et al) are presented in Babcock (1992). This work includes 
photos of representative juveniles, raised from known parents, of 11 of the 15 Families of scleractinian corals.
I don´t know if this document has photografs of juvenile corals or coral recruit. 
Some one knows how I can do the identification of species in juvenile corals of the Caribbean.
I would be very grateful if some one help me with this information. 

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