[Coral-List] Spawning KLargo 2003

Mark Vermeij Mark.Vermeij at noaa.gov
Mon Aug 25 09:56:59 EDT 2003

Dear all, 

Here are the events as they happened on the night of the 18th of August 
on a small reef somewhere in the Key Largo area.

Best regards,
Mark Vermeij
Iliana Baums
Charlie Fasano
Dana Williams

SPAWNING REPORT: Key Largo Dry Rocks, Key Largo, FL
Date: 8/18/03
Species: Montastraea faveolata, M. annularis, Diploria strigosa, 
Siderastrea siderea
Depth: 0.2 – 5 m
Bundle formation: starting around 10h30
Time spawning began: 10:45 pm
Time spawning ended: 11:45 pm
Estimated percentage of population spawning: 80%
Tide:  (see Data for Molasses Reef)
Sea state: seas were 0 ft, wind approx <5 mph
State of local reefs: KL Dry Rocks is one of the few reefs in the Key 
Largo area that still has numerous large, healthy looking M. annularis 
and M. faveolata. disease. 
Comparison to previous years: approximately similar to spawning in 2002
In addition numerous male M. cavernosa's were observed spawning in the 
same area by various people as well as a variety of sponge species and 


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