[Coral-List] Postings

list administrator jch at coral.aoml.noaa.gov
Tue Jul 8 12:33:44 EDT 2003


	I just wanted to remind all coral-list users that the purpose of
the coral-list listserver (and most all listservers) is to serve to
circulate short informational messages, not large files.  This is because
the server handling this, and other lists, can not handle the huge
processing and bandwidth that would be required to send out several
thousand (when you include all lists) copies of files over the Internet.  
Coral-List users are requested to send messages no larger than 20K bytes,
which should be plenty for text-only messages. (By the way, this also
helps to keep the number of viruses down...But I should also mention our
new software already snagged a virus!)

	If you want other Coral-List members to have access to specific
files, please post a Web URL to the file, or ask users to request the file
directly from you if they are interested in it.

	Thank you for your cooperation.

	Jim Hendee
	Coral-List Admin

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