[Coral-List] Guanaja, Bay Islands, Honduras

Judy Lang/Lynton Land JandL at rivnet.net
Wed Jul 9 09:51:33 EDT 2003

See also
Kramer, P. A., and P. R. Kramer  2000.  Ecological Status of the 
Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System: Impacts of Hurricane  Mitch and 1998 
Coral Bleaching. Final Report to the World Bank, 73 pp.

Philip and Patricia Richard Kramer are in St. Croix for six months and 
may not have access to this report there.  So, if you haven't heard 
from one of them already, email Dr. Robert Ginsburg at RSMAS 
(rginsburg at rsmas.miami.edu) and ask if he would know how to access a 
copy for you.

Good luck,
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