[Coral-List] Marquesas Islands contact ?

andy cornish andy_cornish at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 10 07:51:07 EDT 2003

Dear All,

I am trying to assess the Marquesan grouper
(Epinephelus irroratus) for the IUCN Red List on
behalf of the IUCN SSC Groupers and Wrasse Group, but
can find very little data on this fish, an endemic to
the Marquesas (Pacific Ocean). I would be grateful to
hear from anybody who has worked on this species, or
who is, or knows fisheries people there who may be
able to help.

Many thanks,

Andy Cornish

Andy Cornish Ph.D,
Teaching Consultant, 
Society for the Conservation of Reef Fish Spawning Aggregations,
Department of Ecology & Biodiversity, 
The University of Hong Kong, 
Pokfulam Rd., Hong Kong

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