[Coral-List] An update: Ship for reef, no thank you

Nadav Shashar shashar at umbc.edu
Mon Jul 14 07:16:51 EDT 2003

After careful consideration and evaluation of the effort involved in
preparation vs the potential benefits and dangers, it was decided not to
sink the said ship as an artificial reef in Israeli waters.

I would like to express my gratitude to the numerous colleagues who
contributed from their knowledge and experience about sinking ships,
artificial reefs, toxicity, metal compositions, impact of divers, and many
other factors. Your contribution was instrumental in reaching the said

Anybody who is interested in the process that brought to the decision and
the guidelines that were established for evaluating future cases is
welcome to write to me directly (and not to the whole list) to
shashar at umbc.edu

This case was also an example of the wonderful function of the coral list
that can really bring together coral scientists from around the world to
provide an answer to a problem- thanks!

Nadav Shashar

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