[Coral-List] Infrared-video

Mark Vermeij Mark.Vermeij at noaa.gov
Mon Jul 21 15:50:00 EDT 2003

Dear all,

I wondered if anyone has experience in using Infrared video techniques 
to quantify nighttime activity of fishes on coral reefs. I know there 
is a variety of relatively cheap set-ups available (<$2000), but I also 
found out that these do not get the best references by the people who 
have used them. I'm looking for a setup that can be left alone on the 
reef, either as a single unit or by a cable to a nearby (300m) 
monitoring station. The quality of the images should be very high as we 
want to be able to recognize fishes (>5cm) to the species level.

Any suggestions or thoughts?

Best regards,


Dr. M. Vermeij
Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS)
Rosenstiel School for Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS)at the 
University of Miami/
NOAA Southeast Science Fisheries Center 
75 Virginia Beach Dr
Miami, FL 33149 U.S.A.

mark.vermeij at noaa.gov
tel +1 305 3614230
tel +1 305 3614609
fax +1 305 3614499

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