[Coral-List] Infrared responses

Mark Vermeij Mark.Vermeij at noaa.gov
Thu Jul 24 14:18:59 EDT 2003

Dear all,

The number of emails I received after my question regarding IR-video 
techniques for reef monitoring at night were numerous. However, almost 
all of them requested the passing of relevant finding should I find 
Well, to keep you all informed, I haven't found anything potentially 
useful. IR is tricky underwater as it attenuates quickly thereby 
severely reducing the distance over which it can be used. The systems 
that you'll find if you search on the internet are often suffering from 
this given their weak lighting. Promised ranges in which animals can be 
seen often have to converted from feet to inches. Some form of serious 
lighting seems therefore be a essential part of this system. Some 
people suggested to work with red light instead. 

Vaguely, I have heard stories of people builing set-ups themselves but 
I haven't been able to locate them. If I find something I'll let you 

Best regards from the Keys where some corals have started spawning last 


Dr. M. Vermeij
Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS)
Rosenstiel School for Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS)at the 
University of Miami/
NOAA Southeast Science Fisheries Center 
75 Virginia Beach Dr
Miami, FL 33149 U.S.A.

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