[Coral-List] coral spawning 2003 South Caribbean

Mark Vermeij Mark.Vermeij at noaa.gov
Sun Jul 27 22:07:13 EDT 2003

Dear all,

Here you find the predicted dates for this year's spawning, inspired by 
the first observations of coral spawning here in the Keys and quite a 
few requests for details on spawning dates as we approach this year's 
season of excitement. Again I like to point out that these dates are 
expectations based on the previous six years of monitoring on Curacao. 
These dates are not likely to be useful in the Northern Caribbean where 
most activities will take place in Aug and Sept. Nevertheless, enjoy!

Best regards,

Acropora palmata : Aug  17 18: 21h15-22h00;
Acropora cervicornis: Aug  17 18: 21h00-22h00;
Diploria labyrinthiformis: Sep 15-18 & Oct 16-18: 22h00-23h30;
Diploria strigosa: Sep 17 18 22h00-23h 30;Oct 17 18 22h00-23h00
Montastraea cavernosa: Sep 15-17 & Oct 15 16: 21h00-23h00;
M. annularis s.l. : Sep 15-18 & Oct 16-18: 21h00-22h30;
Eusmilia fastigiata: planulae likely visible between Sep 15 Oct 31 in
Madracis senaria: Sep 18 19 & Oct 18 19, between 0h00-06h00;
Agaricia humilis: entire period Sep- Nov;
Agaricia agaricites: entire period Sep- Nov;
Stephanocoenia michelini: Sep 16-18 & Oct 16-18: 21h00-22h00;


Dr. M. Vermeij
Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS)
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