[Coral-List] Before/After Photos of Coral/Algae Following Diadema Die-off and/ or Herbivore Exclusion

Jack Sobel jsobel at oceanconservancy.org
Wed Jul 30 10:38:07 EDT 2003

I'm looking for a high quality before/after photo showing dramatic change in
coral/algae cover following the Diadema die-off and/or an herbivore
exclusion experiment for possible use in a soon to be published book.  Any
acknowledgements, rights, ownership, use limitations, etc., would be
recognized and adhered to.  If you have such a photo and would be willing to
share or know of someone else who does, please respond ASAP.  If you can
provide an electronic version, even low resolution for now, and include any
limitation on use that would be great. Thanks!

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