[Coral-List] Acropora cervicornis spawning

Bernardo Vargas-Angel vargasb at nova.edu
Wed Jul 30 19:04:43 EDT 2003

We observed colonies of Acropora cervicornis spawn on 28 July, 15 days after
the full moon (i.e., new moon) off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Colonies released egg-sperm bundles from 2300–2320h. Reported sea conditions
were calm (~Beaufort 1), falling tide, and good visibility. An estimated 50%
of the colonies present at the study thicket spawned, and within those
colonies that spawned, nearly 20–25% of the branches released gametes,
mainly along the upper portions.  These observations contrast with previous
years (2001), when nearly 70% of the colonies spawned.

Several colonies released a very limited number of egg-sperm bundles on 21
July (8th day after the full moon) from 2300–2320.

S. Michael Hoke
Heather Halter
Erin Hodel

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