[Coral-List] Cold Florida water

Melissa Keyes mekvinga at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 30 21:18:33 EDT 2003

  Hello Listers,

  Many florida divers I know have been comenting for
several weeks that there's a ferocious thermocline, at
50 feet and deeper, and the deeper water has been as
cold as 55*f.

  The beginning of lobster season for some was very
successful, as the bugs are just kind of sitting
around.  In some places normally active fish have been
laying on their sides on the bottom.

  Has there been any noticeable effect on corals in
that area?

  Is there a theory as to what's causing this?  Is it
related to the very warm anomally in the North-eastern
Atlantic several months ago?

  One friend said it's because "Hell is finally 
freezing over."

  Please forgive my *'measures.


  Melissa Keyes, s/v Vinga

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