[Coral-List] Cold Florida water

Rick Grigg rgrigg at iniki.soest.hawaii.edu
Wed Jul 30 21:36:58 EDT 2003


	Try upwelling.
				Rick Grigg

At 06:18 PM 7/30/03 -0700, Melissa Keyes wrote:
>  Hello Listers,
>  Many florida divers I know have been comenting for
>several weeks that there's a ferocious thermocline, at
>50 feet and deeper, and the deeper water has been as
>cold as 55*f.
>  The beginning of lobster season for some was very
>successful, as the bugs are just kind of sitting
>around.  In some places normally active fish have been
>laying on their sides on the bottom.
>  Has there been any noticeable effect on corals in
>that area?
>  Is there a theory as to what's causing this?  Is it
>related to the very warm anomally in the North-eastern
>Atlantic several months ago?
>  One friend said it's because "Hell is finally 
>freezing over."
>  Please forgive my *'measures.
>  Cheers,
>  Melissa Keyes, s/v Vinga
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