[Coral-List] call for abstracts

DrMarcos info at gektidis.de
Fri Oct 3 10:25:17 EDT 2003

Call for abstracts.

Dear colleques,

we cordially invite you to submit your presentation, oral or poster, 
for the mini-symposium on bioerosion, hosted at the 10th International 
Coral Reef Symposium in Okinawa from 28th June to the 2nd July 2004.

Our session "1-5; Anthropogenic Impacts on Rates of Bioerosion and 
Consequences for Coral Reefs" is part of Theme 1: Evolution of Coral 
Reef Ecosystems.
We explicitly invite all sciences that work in the field of bioerosion 
to submit their contributions. We feel, that an integration of biology, 
ecology, geology, paleontology and chemistry, just to name the more 
obvious disciplines, will lead to a new interdisciplinary approach, 
that is needed for a deeper understanding of the force of bioerosion.

Please visit http://www.plando.co.jp/icrs2004/ for instructions on your 
submissions and important information on the Symposium.

Please direct your submissions or questions to either 
science at gektidis.de or path at austmus.gov.au

Marcos Gektidis, Pat Hutchings, Mireille Peyrot Clausade

Dr. Marcos Gektidis

Geol. Paläontol. Inst.
Senckenberganl. 32-34
60054 FfM - Germany

Inst. f. Paläontol.
Loewenichstr. 28
91054 Erlangen - Germany


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