[Coral-List] 10ICRS: mini-symposium on participatory etc management

Nicholas Polunin N.Polunin at newcastle.ac.uk
Wed Oct 15 13:00:50 EDT 2003

Dear coral-listers

Following the example of our Hawaii colleague, I would like to draw your attention to mini-symposium 4-8 on 'Critical appraisal of local, customary, participatory and co-management' during the 10ICRS in Okinawa (28 June to 2 July 2004). 

There are various ways in which local communities are being, and can become more, involved in reef management, but there have been rather few attempts to comprehensively highlight successes and failures and there is little rigorous assessment of what the conditions of long-term success are. Our idea is to bring together people from across the natural and social sciences to explore the boundaries of 'co-management' in the coral reef context, closely examine cases of success and failure and hopefully bolster the science of participatory resource and ecosystem management. We hope to attract good studies from around the tropics. There will be time for oral and poster presentations and also a Satellite workshop for open discussion of these and the views behind them. If you have relevant work please submit your abstract by 25 December 2003 at http://www.plando.co.jp/icrs2004/: click on 'Call for Papers' and go to 'Abstract Submission'.

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