[Coral-List] RE: CO2 and bleaching

Gattuso, Jean-Pierre gattuso at obs-vlfr.fr
Thu Oct 16 12:37:00 EDT 2003


In reply to John Ware (aka Curious Marylander!), 
I just want to briefly report that bleaching was 
never observed during the experiments on the 
effects of elevated pCO2 on primary 
production,respiration and calcification of a 
coral and a reef mesocosm carried out by 
Stéphanie Reynaud and Nicolas Leclercq. pCO2 
ranged between ca. 200 and 900 µatm. I am 
appending the references of their recent papers 
on this issue.


Leclercq N., Gattuso J.-P. & Jaubert J., 2000. 
CO2 partial pressure controls the calcification 
rate of a coral community. Global Change Biology 
6(3): 329-334.

Leclercq N., Gattuso J.-P. & Jaubert J., 2002. 
Primary production, respiration, and 
calcification of a coral reef mesocosm under 
increased CO2 partial pressure. Limnology and 
Oceanography 47(2): 558-564.

Reynaud S., Leclercq N., Romaine-Lioud S., 
Ferrier-Pagès C., Jaubert J. & Gattuso J.-P., in 
press. Interacting effects of CO2 partial 
pressure and temperature on photosynthesis and 
calcification in a scleractinian coral. Global 
Change Biology.

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