[Coral-List] coral species unidentified ?

Michaël RARD Michael.Rard at univ-reunion.fr
Wed Oct 29 02:10:25 EST 2003

Dear all,

I have a problem to identify some coral species and their form.
Indeed, during taking data on coral growth rates in Buddemeier et al. (1974) (=> see the reference just after)

Buddemeier R.W., Maragos J.E., Knutson D.W. 1974.
Radiographic studies of reef coral exoskeletons: rates and patterns of coral growth.
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 14: 179-200.

these authors are given data on 3 coral species which were not referenced in the big new exhaustive 3 volumes "Corals of the World" written by Veron (2000).

These species were found by authors in Marshall Islands at Eniwetak atoll. Their name were :

- Goniastrea parvistella DANA => unknown form
- Parahalomitra robusta (Quelch) => unknown form
- Psammocora togianensis UMBGROVE => branched form

My questions are :
- are they other species or species which have new name ? if yes, what is their new scientific full name please ?
- which form have they ?

My last question is : "what is the right name of this atoll ? Eniwetak or Eniwetok ?

Many thanks for your help and have a happy day.
                          Michaël RARD
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