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Tue Sep 2 12:57:39 EDT 2003

I am compiling teachering resources for a program on coral reef conservation and sustainable use for schools in the Pacific region and Caribbean. I'm searching for interesting anecdotal accounts, and/or direct observations of human impacts on coral reefs to include as 'sidebars' - i.e. relatively brief - up to 500 word - 'stories' which teachers can tell their students to give their academic lessons a 'personal' touch and immediacy. 

Subjects include the usual suspects: warm water and bleaching events; deforestation, coastal construction and sedimentation; agricultural and sewage runoff, pollution and eutrophication; coral diseases; coral collecting and 'bashing'; destructive fishing practices; overfishing of coral reef inverts and fishes; negative (and positive) impacts of tourism; etc.

Would appreciate and value your help - and will, naturally, give full credit by-line to accompany your coral reef tales. Thanks. 
Henry Genthe
Ocean Futures Society 

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