[Coral-List] Supplies needed for Island Schools

Shawna K Bell Shawna.K.Bell at noaa.gov
Wed Sep 3 10:32:26 EDT 2003

Coral Reef Related Supplies Needed for Island Schools

The focus of the CNMI and Guam Outreach and Education Campaign, in
coordination with the 10th US Coral Reef Task
Force meeting, is to promote coral reef awareness, protection, and
conservation.  As part of this campaign, teachers from the Public School
Systems in Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
(CNMI) have submitted a “wish list” of items that are desperately
needed.  This extensive list ranges from small nets to computers and
software.  In Guam, many of the items were destroyed by Super-Typhoon
Pongsona, which devastated the island in 2002.  Donations will be
utilized to improve the curriculum at these schools, specifically for
coral reef appreciation and protection related topics.

Please take a minute to review the list and consider donating new or
used items to the schools. For more information, see

For other Outreach and Education events taking place at the meeting,
please check the website at

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