[Coral-List] Porite genome 2

Mikhail Matz mvmatz at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 10 17:05:21 EDT 2003

Dear Craig and all,

The Porites candidate came as a surprize to me. My
support would be for Montastraea (since my own
molecular work is on M.cavernosa, and by the way, I
never encountered the technical difficulties that
Craig refers to), or Acropora. These two seem to me
much more advanced in molecular terms than Porites.

I do believe that having a coral genome sequenced
would greatly benefit all of us and science in
general, however, it is critical to select a proper
species. I would be very glad to hear opinion of the
list on this matter.

In fact, I heard rumors of a couple other projects
started that would lead to coral genomic studies, but
nothing definite. Would be great to know for sure what
is going on (or going to be going on) in this area!


Mike Matz

Whitney lab, University of Florida

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