[Coral-List] Porites genome

Doug Fenner d.fenner at aims.gov.au
Tue Sep 16 19:44:10 EDT 2003

Porites has the advantage that it is an important reef builder in both the 
Caribbean and Pacific, and the third largest genus of corals.  Also, the 
huge massive Porites are the source of climate records.  Acropora is also a 
major reef builder in both Caribbean and Pacific.  It is also the largest 
coral genus with about 165 species known so far.  Montastrea is a major 
reef builder in the Caribbean, but in the Pacific has only a few small 
uncommon species.  Among the Porites, P. lobata is the most common of the 
big massives used for climate records, and is one of the most widespread of 
all corals.  P. lobata seems like one of the best choices.   -Doug

Douglas Fenner
Australian Institute of Marine Science
PMB 3, Townsville MC
QLD 4810


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