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Wed Sep 17 23:34:59 EDT 2003

In a message dated 9/17/03 7:31:27 AM, julian at twolittlefishies.com writes:

> Regarding requirement 8, what about Pocillopora damicornis?

Recongizing the length of this thread, I hesitate to add to it, but I agree 
with this, as well. 

P. damicornis and S. pistillata arguably are already virtually "coral guinea 
pigs" and are widespread, important hermatypes, and have a large literature 
base associated with them.

In the Caribbean, I also agree that the acroporids and Montastraea are the 
logical choices.   In fact the corals mentioned above were already selected by 
CHDC as candidates for coral "lab rats" in culture. 

As perhaps mentioned, their life histories are also perhaps more 
representative of the majority of corals. 


Eric Borneman
University of Houston

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